Børge Espeland

The first show I went to was an Open Show held in Stavanger and
judged by the late norwegian all-round judge Tore Edmund in 1978. I was hooked.

My dog was placed 2nd in the class.
It didn't matter - it was something else in the settings that attracted me and still does.
I continued to go to dog shows with and mostly without dogs.

As a member of the showcommittee in the retrieverclub branch in Rogaland
I got in touch with judges and breeders both in and outside of Norway.

In 1981 I was at the military dog training school in the east of Norway.
I developed a excellent friendship with Eivind and Grete Sofie Mjærum with the Mjærumhøgda’s affix.
In the weekends we went to a lot of dogshow and I got a super possibility to be
a good handler of dogs of different breeds, as the kennel had both Golden retrievers and Samoyeds.

In 1982 I was qualified to be a ringsteward under the rules of the Norwegian Kennel club.
I got lots of nice experience to watch dogs of different breeds from the inside of the ring.

I did a lot of stewarding.
The most memorable missions was my first trips to Ålesund, Bergen and Kristiansand
with the Norwegian Kennel Club.
Their show is always so good organized and taking such super care of their judges and ringstewards.

In 1984 I judged my first puppy show
 From this year I regularly judged either an open show, puppy show or match show.
It is so exciting to see if some of those awarded the best prices develops and reach
their expected potential in the future.

In 1984 I also went for my first dog trips to Britain.
I was invited to Mr & Mrs Bradbury at the Nortonwood kennel in Solihull near Birmingham.
For me this meant so much for my further interest.
Ron and Madge Bradbury took so good care of me. I nearly felt related.
At my trips to Britain I often stayed for several days with them.
We travelled to dogshows and I was presented to a lot for me very famous breeders and
other doggy people from all over the world.
Big moments has also been to visit breeders and watch their famous dogs in their home environment.

In 1988 I had my first foreign judging appointment for goldens at Machars open show up in Scotland.
In 2001 I judged a very nice supermatch show in Essex outside London.
Special guest for the evening was the
Mayor and Mayoress.

In 2003 I was given the opportunity to take the Norwegian Kennel Clubs program
to be educated as judge. My first breed was of course the golden retrievers followed
quiet rapidly of the other retrieverbreeds.
In 2008 I have got further breeds as:
Schnauzers (giant-standard–miniature), English Springer and American Cocker Spaniels.
I also judge the native breed Norwegian Buhund.

In the beginning of 2009 I hopefully will finish the rest of the spaniels.
Finally I hopefully will be allowed to give certifikates in
Samoyeds, Malamutes and Greenland dogs during 2009.

As I recon my self as a dog lover in general the judging has given me a
super opportunity to learn more of lots of breeds.



Raser jeg er autorisert for å dømme:
Grupp 02
Alle pinchere
Alle schnauzer
Russisk Sort Terrier

Grupp 5

Alaskan Malamute
Amerikan Akita
Chow Chow
Finsk Lapphund
Islandsk Fårehund
Japansk Spisshund
Koreansk Jindo
Lapsk Vallhund
Norsk Elghund Grå & Sort
Norsk Buhund
Norsk Lundehund
Siberian Husky
Svensk Lapphund
Thai Bankaew Dog
Thai Ridgeback dog

Grupp 7
Alle i gruppe

Grupp 8
Alle i gruppen


Jag har dømt i følgende land:
                  Norge, Sverige, Danmark, Island, Finland,
Russland, Ukraina, Estland, Latvia, Litauen, Polen, Tjekkia, 
Italia, Spania, Frankrike, Tyskland, Belgia, Østerrike, Sveits, Nederland, Portugal,
England, Irland, New Zealand og Australia